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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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....had been shot.... twice in the head.a nightmare for her family thht diin't e until ok eti:4 ipeallyeel healed the i woke uupafter his execution that next ii as like a new pease on life it really was while, romanooand his family penalty...there are others who havv foug toee it segonhe 1:43:02 we feel the death ppnalty is a waste of iie aad resources and so muchhtime andd effort goes into litigation to the trl to appeals because of romano's sister....1:45:05 a errible terrible tragedy he woulddrather have seen ooen peceive life in prissn withoot parole.1:45::4 that's a ry severe sentence and rre sncr on' committed a murder onny ooe
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perron has been put to death ii marrland since en's executton. there ii now a romanoo he'' remas thankful deserred he got less than what he deserved ((o tag forr5:00 b/c fronting it)(ten o'clock tag... joy lepola ffx 45 nees at ten) in the last two ccpptal murder trialssi've covered in the past year... jurors have decided gainst puttg e deffantt t la 45w 5 3 a new aa ffaturing president baaa.. hopes to erintauu tt t iilegal mmigrants. 3 "thhse aae young people who stuuy ii our schools, play in friends with our kiis, they 3 pledge aalegiance to our flag. these young peoppe arr going contribbtions and arr already maaing contributions to our soc" society." 3the ad was the ad wassreleased online by
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educating maryland kiis... a coaltionnworkkng ii support of ruuning a million dollar tv baltimore and d.c. iry..po erssandopponents of the dream pbforeelection day.quession h -3 four...would alloo illegal iimigrants to pay in-state &ptuitionaatmaryland collegess from a yland high schooll..andcomplete wars &pparents...would aaso haae to have paiddstate taxes for tte "what you're doing is youure pnvested anything ii the o community annopportunity to have the same benefit i disagree wwth thht." "someone ge an education,, they learn methg anlpn no if you still act.
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&phave questions regardinggthee maryyand effrendumss.. fox45 get in-depth 2 special nd explanations of the dream act referendum... the same-sex referendum tooexpand gambling that's mmndayynighh at 11... right here onnfox45. but there are still some power outages around the state. on thh situation.there..-pdaae - &p3 3 3 3 &p"i was truly blesd tths pime.............and he blessed me ttis time." 33:24
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when urricann sandy swept old tree at druid hill park. park.theetree was uprooted by strong winds. and ttday.... melinda oeder was there as the remaininn branches.... were cuttup anddhaed away.
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melinda? phe ttee waa an osage orange" s tke ows for &pbaltimoree one member of tha the tree was considered thh r ceerpiece of druii hill park. so spectacular, that e e rocuuved around he tree.... to avoid chopping ii down.tte city arborists saa the ree was in good condition. anddhe now plans to examine omeeslices of the trunk - to determine itsseeact age once d for all. buit's clear - hhtree was kit tbmo the ciiy.... by several deeaaes.older than the light bulb. eeen older than the revolutionary ar. < "it does give us pause and &phere and did witness so much.> historians hope to preservee
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in a museum.the city orborist says much of he wood will be sallaged - and ssme of it turned into keepsaaessmelinda roederr- foxx45 news at 5:30. rre y.alrejersey sttd b hhlp. sepping up to p3 theyy eftttheepuulic safety training academy on orthern parkway arouud 5 o'ccock this morning...there are 2.1 million homes and bbsinesses still without power in ew were burnd orstd.e &m baornl m paramedics......and a mmdical asssstanceecar.. packing wth 34:55:55 iteels good doing what we're trained to dd looking foward to the challengg challennethe balmore crrws a day.orking at least 12 hourss- crews a also heading to wwstern maryland.... where sandy dumpee nearry 300inches baltimooe's urban search and re
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hlai ff responders....they''l bb still without power.... and e helpiig with clean p and tree removal.... the teammis carrying nearly 3 million dollars in equipment... and is completely self sustaining.. e'sttt nd3th iss tty're hhvvng, so we avv a bunch oo tents on these vehicles, wwe may be ssaying out n the snow." all of the state's resources counny..... and the 15- thousand reeiientt still without power. mema has temporat ch othe rainwater frrm sandy is making ts way righh now o the chesapeake bay. &pbay.paul gessler spenn the afternoon along the banks of phe susqueeanna riverr seeeng the water level slowly rise.pau- paul-- paul gessser, reporter: "about a zen flgtre enntongo taaed off this fishing wwarf until the water recceds. that couud be days, or weeks. of course, all this water is from susquehanna river and floos into the
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3 5:30."gessler, fox news at line here at the conowiigo dam, paul gessler, ox44 nnws at 5:30."
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how are the rrads looking tonig? ticedrpor mapliierty40shawaamap395map
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3 msf-gaey oso tit during hurricane sandd. us in studiooto answer some s - questions about cleannup and a foiled attempt y suspected tnitewe oe er thhnk it's safe to say the suspects are nnotgeometry
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majors. 3 p-adblib weather tz-- -3 the u-s border patrol is
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releasing this video... of one group's ailed attemmt to ttied tt drive his jeep... over a 14--oot-higg border rampptuesddy.patrollinggents spotted them... w it was otth.
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happening.tte jeep got stuck... as yoo can see... and the suspeets ran back into mexico. baltimore ires neow -3 customerssthrough outtthe area...less than 20 thousand as eeter the third day of ning clean-up efforts. jog pfficer rob goull.... > will we see a rate ike ow that ,3thor o t
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sin before the responsible for oo a persons ??- property following a storm likkethis? > how will smart meters hange the > how will storm prrperty r on a persons g-e.... responsiile >what re youu.. b- and njjbeen sent to ny bbfore the sttrm, were stanning by >havccews, thatt westngbe t st bseo nd>waryoo... -g-e.... responsible for onna persons prooerty followwngga storm like this? > how will mart peters channe the way bgg covers post ttrm clean-up?
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a hallooeen pumpkin carvvnn experiment gges wrong...on ive t-v in indiana. inniana.jason lindsey... wn as tte "hooked on sccence guy"....was trying to demonsttate ow you an uss a small explosson to carve a pumpkin.the pummkinns eyes, nose and mouth were suppooe to pop rught out...but that's not :20-30"so arr you readyy 'm ry.e you sure? i thi sok s he--os--y,bl lindseyyapparently wwe um tllwio 3 "iim tired of bronco bama and mmtt romnny" romney" the election pu e.. whyhis video has g t
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npr aplogizing to a fourryear oll. some trick-or- weaaher toss addib....
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3 the ravenss fense struggles
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on the road.the number one reason for their demise away from &t in sportt unlimited...
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u t u.en ned ben. itysom10 by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... d mea moroystermen.s to more restaurants... it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben rdin, and i approved this message. be a ggnius to figureeoot
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phat's wronn with theravens... the defense is rippled...and struggling...and the offense slk...and that is the unit thattcam cameris in chargg of...and he admits they h -taye teexns..onntop of that, the ravens are in cceveland...and they ddn't seem tobeehe same stadium.. since john haaugh and joe flacco joined the tm 00tha sttie,e nevee lost ccming off a bye week...and two, ttey have never lost to the cleveland browns..not eeen once...any kind of win streak is impressive in the nfl, andthe to claim one.hey are fortunate 3&pweell announce ghon sports uulimited...
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p&--toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 the llng 3&ppresidential caapaign is jus
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33domuch for one rr-o abigael evansswas llstening tt pooitics on n-p-r with her mom whee she started crying.. just because i'm tiied off crring? it will be over soon, abby.the election ill be over soon..k. apollgy tttled dearrlittle
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girl, sorry we made you cry abbutt'brrnco bamma and mitt romney'. 3 that's all for fox45 news t 5:30.3&"family feud""is next. next.and we'll bb back tht ladi 1 -- 11...thh llte edition at news fox45 i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing ssions over germany.
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made it home every time. d e lu ha ndamed ben. i'luckto have gori o all ill ou ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford colle. he's my friend, ben.i hyo to approve this message. joeyatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up fo


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